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​在电脑、手机或平板上下载 Zoom App

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提前2分钟开启 Zoom 进入课堂

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  • 如何上课?Can you describe your online class?
    每星期1次Zoom线上课程。让孩子何时何地都能通过有趣的讲解快速了解及掌握国文语法。每次教学都备有1份Latihan让孩子实际练习。另外加上1份Ulangkaji也可以让父母测试孩子是否掌握了该国文语法。为了让孩子更有效进步,每一份latihan和ulangkaji都会附上老师的答案讲解视频,也解决了孩子不会需要问父母的烦恼。 We are Zoom Online course. Let children quickly understand and master the grammar of the Bahasa Melayu through interesting explanations when and where. Each lesson instruction is provided with 1 Latihan for children to practice. In addition, adding a copy of Ulangkaji can also allow parents to test whether their children have mastered the grammar of the Bahasa Melayu. In order to make children progress more effectively, every latihan and ulangkaji will be accompanied by a teacher's answer explanation video, which also solves the trouble that children do not need to ask their parents. a)每个语法教学视频附有无限重播 每堂国文语法课都附有无限重播,课后也有2份练习让孩子做。每一份练习备有答案解说视频。因此,您一共会收到12个视频语法教学、24份练习、24个练习答案讲解视频。 Each grammar of the Bahasa Melayu ZOOM Online Class provided repeat video class and has 2 exercises for children to do. Each exercise is provided with answer explanation videos. Therefore, you will receive a total of 12 videos of grammar teaching, 24 exercises, and 24 exercise answers explaining videos.
  • 为什么每堂课只有40分钟?What is there only 40min per class?
    根据统计,为了达到最佳集中力与吸收效果,40分钟为最佳学习时间,也可以保持学生高效学习与培养持续性。 In order to achieve the best learning concentration and knowledge absorption。40min is the best time for learning and can keep efficient learning and cultivated continuous habits.
  • 课程是根据学校课程纲要编写吗?有分年龄授课吗?Is the course based on the school curriculum? Will classes be taught by age?
    是的,课程是根据KSSR SEMAKAN大纲编写,完全符合华小教育课纲。课程会分为BASIC 7~8岁, STANDARD 9~10岁, AGGRESSIVE 11~12岁,当然我们也欢迎其他年龄小孩报名。Yes, the course is written according to the KSSR SEMAKAN outline, which fully complies with the syllabus of the primary school education. The course will be divided into BASIC 7 ~ 8 years old, STANDARD 9 ~ 10 years old, AGGRESSIVE 11 ~ 12 years old, of course we also welcome children of other ages to sign up.
  • 我的孩子适合吗?Is my child suitable for online class?
    由于我们对时下学生的了解加上科技的进步。我们的课程增加了具丰富性的动画与声效让孩子通过视觉更容易明白,记忆法也让孩子加强印象,不会学了就忘记。老师的专业指导,也达到寓教于乐之效果。We understanding of children and the high technology, our lessons have many rich animations and effective, our professional guidance from teachers, in order to achieve the effect of enjoyable learning.
  • 我的孩子不明白怎么办? What if my child doesn't understand?
    学生可以自行下载练习与答案,我们也准备好上课录影,以方便学生有空可以重复观看。 Students can download the exercises after class, and we also ready to record the class video so that students can watch and revision during free time.
  • 请问如何报名及付款?How to make registration & payment?
    请根据以下的方式进行online banking之后再连同付款收据一起拍照给我们, Please take online banking according to the following methods and then take a picture with us together with the payment receipt, 1.Online banking to RHB BANK SMARTLAND HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. 2-01400-0005655-7 2. 转账时记得写上孩子姓名 Remember to write your child's namewhen transferring money 3 拍摄收据或screenshot 给客服:012-590 7277 Take a receipt or screenshot to customer service: 012-590 7277 4.我们的客服会尽快为您安排上课时间。 Our customer service will arrange class time for you as soon as possible
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